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John Pearsall, President, led the ATOS certification for Primaris Airlines, a new entrant flag airline in record time, nine months from formal application to certificate award under CSET rules in 2004. The combination of an outstanding relationship with government certification officials, and the highly experienced group of professionals at JWP Group were the key reasons for this success. JWP Group established operations, procured aircraft, hired personnel, and negotiated key contracts for Primaris Airlines.

In 1998-2002, all members of the JWP Group were instrumental in the certification and operations of Las Vegas based National Airlines, a Boeing 757 domestic carrier with 17 aircraft.


In 2005, JWP Group led the certification of RL Aviation LLC, a U.S. Part 135 Gulfstream IV and Bell 430 operator in record time, five months from start to finish.


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